About Us
Salaam Alaikum,

We are a team of two azadaar based in San Diego, USA. Three years ago, while creating a
local azadari website for our community:
www.bargah.org (formerly sandiegoazadaar.com),
we thought it would be nice to have a section featuring text of popular nohay, salams & marsiye.
So we began uploading nohay texts which we typed while listening to the audio. What
started as a hobby soon became a passion and our collection of nohay started growing larger.

After recieving immense postive response from users all over the world, and realizing the
need for a
"Nohay Database" with writeups and audio, we decided to dedicate an entire
website  for this purpose. Hence in Moharram 1432 Hj /December 2010 we launched

All nohay text in english script are personally typed (and proofread) by us while
listening to the audio. Recently we have started working on writing these nohay in urdu.
Inshallah we will strive to have all nohay available in both english and urdu scripts.

Also we would like to apologize in advance for any errors in noha text or shayar names that are
on this site, and encourage everyone to please let us know of these so that we can correct them.
Our e-mail address is admin@nohayonline.com.

A Request:
We hold no copyrights to any material on this website, all material can be duplicated.
However for nohay text, we do request that you mention our site as the source when
reproducing, to acknowledge the tremendous efforts of our team.

Ya Ali Madad.
Providing writeups (english text) & audio (mp3) of all urdu nohay, new and old